Details how we leverage our social, economic, and environmental impacts to achieve our purpose, as well as how we contribute to meeting developmental objectives on both a national and global level

David Munro

David Munro

Group Chief Executive

Jacko Maree

Jacko Maree


We look back on 2020 knowing that, above all, we have truly done what matters. We remain committed to creating shared value for all our stakeholders by living our purpose and working together as one society to support those around us.

Aligning our business with the SDGs

Liberty remains aligned to the sustainable development goals as shown below. As part of this, we focus on creating shared value by living our brand promise of being in it with you.

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Human integrated report
Matters integrated report

2020 Achievements

R 11,7 Billion

Paid in death and disability claims

R 8,6 Billion

Paid in annuity payments

Level 2

B-BBEE contributor

R 37,4 Million

Invested in education and financial literacy

R 43,6 Million

Invested in employee development

R 79 Million

Paid out in unclaimed benefits