Definition: A life-threatening illness is a chronic illness, usually incurable, which has the effect of considerably limiting a person's quality of life or life expectancy.


This policy only applies to Liberty Holdings employees, not to commissioned only financial advisers or other independent contractors.


In accordance with legislation, employees with life threatening illnesses will not be discriminated against unfairly, and such employees should follow the normal grievance procedure should they feel that this has occurred.

Right to withhold information

  • No employee is obliged to reveal his/her chronic illness/life-threatening illness status.
  • Employees should inform the company once they can no longer perform their duties as a result of their illness in order to avoid possible inappropriate disciplinary action. Medical records will need to be provided by the employee/the employee's consulting medical practitioner, should this be deemed necessary.


Any person who is informed, or becomes aware, that an employee has a life threatening illness must treat this information as confidential. Failure to do so will be regarded as a serious offence and will result in disciplinary action.


  • Employees who contract a life-threatening disease whilst already employed will retain their existing benefits, as per benefit rules.
  • Medical scheme rules regarding cover and benefits will apply.
  • The employee is to consult with their medical aid to enquire about any benefits offered to them for life-threatening illnesses including chronic disease management programmes.


Potential employees will not be tested for any life-threatening illnesses as a condition of employment or be refused employment on account of any life-threatening illness status.

Refusal to work with employees with any life-threatening illness

No employee may refuse to work with a colleague who is suffering from any life-threatening illness if the affected employee poses no risk to the health of the objecting employee.

Education and counselling

Employees will be given access to appropriate education or counselling on the prevention and management of life-threatening illnesses if they disclose their illness to the employer.

Occupational Health and Safety policy

Health and safety regulations concerning life-threatening illness are included in the Liberty Group’s Occupational Health and Safety Policy. Employees will be compensated by the Compensation Commissioner if it is proved that they contracted any other life threatening illness whilst performing their work duties at any of Liberty Group's offices.