Liberty’s social and legal licence to operate, and our reputation as a trusted financial services provider, depend on us maintaining an ethical culture. Ethics requires actions that Inspire trust in our brand and facilitate accountability. Our Code of Ethics describes the conduct that is expected of employees, the board of directors and the group executive committee in response to our stakeholders. Only through ethical conduct can our purpose of improving people’s lives by making their financial freedom possible become a reality.

What is the Code of Ethics?

The Code of Ethics defines Liberty’s ethical principles as guided by our purpose, leadership principles and habits, founding principles and strategy.

It provides structure and guidance for principle-based decision-making.

COE Principles

Why a Code of Ethics

  • To ensure accountability and responsibility for doing the right business the right way
  • We are committed to conducting our business transparently and with integrity, honesty and fairness

Using the Code of Ethics

  • As a reference point for all Liberty representatives
  • For day-to-day business conduct
  • Resolving an ethical issue

Ethical decision-making tool

Remember the golden rule of ethics
Do good to others, as one expects others to do good to oneself.

Our Code of Ethics offers a tool that provides guidance on ethical decision-making.

Ethical decision making tool

Encouraging a speak-up culture

Unethical behaviour at Liberty Holdings Limited or any of its subsidiaries is taken seriously and every incident reported is investigated. Unethical behaviour is decisively dealt with.

Understanding why to report, who to report to, and the details to report are important factors to consider.

View our full code of ethics

Seeking advice

Our Code of Ethics cannot provide guidelines for every situation. When you are in doubt, have questions or require further guidance, discuss the issue with your line leader, or business unit human capital partner or contact the Ethics Office by emailing [email protected]

Reporting channels

There are channels available to encourage the reporting of misconduct.

Whistle-blower protection

The independently operated Vuvuzela ethics hotline offers an anonymous channel for employees and other stakeholders to report misconduct.