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Provide responsible financial services

Managing waste responsibly

The sorting and weighing of recyclable waste is carried out on Liberty’s premises. Currently  we recycle glass, paper, plastic, metal and other materials which includes hazardous medical waste, food waste and tetrapak among others. Our main head offices in Johannesburg have been recycling waste since 2010 and employees use recycling bins located in every pause area in the building. A drive to encourage employees to introduce recycling at home began this year. Recycling bins were introduced in our parking lots. We only appoint waste removal companies that are registered in accordance with local municipality regulations. These companies ensure that all waste is brought to registered landfill sites and is recycled where possible.

Details of recycling performance at Liberty offices are illustrated below:

We encourage recycling at our shopping centres, where feasible. During 2016, the measured centres recycled 30% of their total waste   by mass. The total carbon emissions as a result of waste to landfill (8 119 tCO2e ) and recycled waste (58 tCO2e ) was verified by PwC.

Greening our property portfolio

Incorporating environmentally-friendly elements into new-build and modernisation projects are driven by cost savings, growing public interest and regulations. Liberty Properties is a founding member of the Green Building Council of South Africa (GBCSA) and a member of the South African Property Owners Association. Since 2011, Liberty has been represented on the board of the GBCSA, ensuring that we continue to play an active role in industry-wide sustainability efforts. In addition, many of our employees are GBCSA accredited, enabling them to bring a deeper knowledge of sustainability best practice to their building projects.

Provide responsible financial services

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