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Liberty Holdings

Combating fraud and corruption

The financial services sector as a whole remains vulnerable to fraud and corruption, the likelihood of which increases during difficult financial times. We are mindful of these risks and use a variety of mechanisms to prevent, detect, investigate and remediate instances of fraud, corruption, and misconduct.

Our dedicated group fraud risk management unit consists of highly trained specialists who use data analytics technologies to prevent financial crime, fraud, and corruption. Liberty is a member of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE), an international body providing best practice anti-fraud training and guidelines. We work closely in a formal relationship with ASISA.

Our financial crime risk policy articulates the group’s principles for preventing, monitoring and reporting fraud, corruption, and any other related irregularities. The policy establishes accountability and applies to all employees, contractors, vendors and financial advisers. Our fraud and corruption unit embeds our policies through awareness and encouraging ethical conduct. Non-compliance with the policy may lead to disciplinary action or other measures, including criminal and civil proceedings. We work with the South African Police Service to enforce both the law and our internal policy relating to fraud. The financial crime and whistle-blowing policies ensure accountability for the prevention, monitoring and reporting of fraud, corruption, ethical breaches, misconduct and any other related irregularities across the group.

We strongly encourage our employees, advisers, and contractors to report suspected cases of fraud and corruption through various channels. These channels are outlined in the employee handbook and our people are made aware of these through various training efforts. Reporting channels include our Liberty App, the digital form on our intranet as well as our independent hotlines ([email protected]), which enables employees, customers, or members of the public to anonymously report fraud in line with the requirements of the Protected Disclosures Act 26 of 2000.​

Liberty fraud, theft, and ethics hotlines:

Botswana: 0800 600 709
Namibia: 061 294 2002
Kenya: 0800 221 3268
Nigeria: 234 1271 7739
Lesotho: 800 22 222
South Africa: 080 063 6725
Malawi: 800 05 555
Swaziland: 268 404 4471
Mozambique: 800 411 411
Tanzania: 999
Uganda: 800 15 544
Zambia: 260 128 7827
Zimbabwe: 0800 4040
+27 12 5 43 5 383 (international)


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