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Carbon emissions

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Reducing our carbon footprint

Currently, we report on our carbon footprint regarding the group’s South African operations only. Our primary carbon footprint is in South Africa and we plan to extend our carbon footprint to include the rest of Africa in the coming years. Currently, we are focused on improving our environmental data collection in the rest of Africa. In fact, enhancing systems for internal monitoring and measuring of impacts across the rest of Africa is a key area of focus. We strive to increase the scope and boundary of our scope 3 carbon emissions, and for 2016 we have added losses from transmission and distribution of purchased electricity (2015 added waste). Our stationary emissions are related to the diesel used in our generators, we experienced a substantial reduction in 2016 compared to 2015 because of less load shedding in South Africa. Fugitive emissions from air-conditioning and refrigeration gas refills are dependent on the year that the gas has been refilled and thus may result in large increases in some years like the 2016 year. The following table shows Liberty’s South African carbon footprint:

Provide responsible financial services

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