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Liberty Holdings

Engaging with our stakeholders

Given the industry we operate in, earning and maintaining the trust of our stakeholders is critical to our sustainability.

We understand that by engaging our key stakeholders meaningfully, we can gain insights into their needs. This will ultimately allow us to manage their expectations proactively and strengthen our competitive advantage as a trusted adviser. We do this while ensuring that our contributions as a responsible corporate citizen create significant shared value.

Proactive, ongoing stakeholder engagement is increasingly integrated into our business practices. We view stakeholder management as a risk mitigation function and more importantly, one that seeks to create shared value for the broader society. We believe that for a company to be successful in creating shared value, it must acquire a deep understanding of the problems it is trying to solve and the customers it is hoping to serve.
This understanding opens the door to a new way of engaging with stakeholders that leverages the power of an organisation to solve societal issues.

The board is ultimately responsible for stakeholder management through its SET committee, which meets on a quarterly basis to discuss, among other matters, stakeholder management. This ensures that accountability for stakeholder relationships is vested with the board in line with the recommendations of King IV.

In terms of executive management, the PSET committee is responsible for ensuring that stakeholder management remains a key part of the overall business strategy. We understand that our key stakeholders play a role in our business and, as such, we work proactively to build mutually beneficial relationships with them.

Our stakeholder management framework guides us on how we engage with our stakeholders. Group stakeholder management ensures that the appropriate governance, including policies and procedures, is in place. This ensures that all stakeholder engagements across the group are aligned with Liberty's organisational philosophy, brand ethos, values, material focus areas and overall business strategy.

Industry participation

To advance our business and social objectives, we maintain our membership and active participation in the following business associations and industry bodies:


Enhance social relationships

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