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Liberty Holdings

Culture and transformation

Our vision is to transform Liberty to be the trusted leader in South Africa and chosen markets by delivering superior value through exceptional customer and adviser experiences. We believe this requires us to be reflective, responsive and relevant to the economies in which we operate. Therefore, we recognise that we require a multifaceted approach to organisational reform for tangible results. For us, this change encompasses our proactive and sustained efforts to transform our organisation from operational and cultural perspectives. Separately, it also includes building an environment that fosters diversity and inclusion.

We believe that the creation of a high-performance culture is achieved through passionate and committed teams. These teams need to be strategically aligned and engaged with Liberty’s vision to become transformed into an agile, customer-centric organisation. Therefore, we regularly engage our employees through a variety of mechanisms, both formal and informal, to gain insight into their needs and ensure that they understand their roles in achieving Liberty’s goals.

By creating and instilling a relevant employee value proposition we will see our employees better engaged and willing to go the extra mile. Given the high levels of change, the organisation is undergoing, active and regular engagement with our people, which is essential to ensure they understand the changes and feel included in the group’s evolution. In addition to having passionate and committed teams, one of our goals is to create a culture that embraces diversity and inclusion as more than just a compliance exercise, but rather a key differentiator. We believe that when people have the freedom and expression to be themselves they perform better and integrate more effectively into teams, leading to greater productivity. We continue to strive to build an inclusive culture that values diversity, freedom of expression, openness to learn and collaboration.

The board is ultimately responsible for ensuring the group meets its South African transformation targets. The SET committee is mandated by the board to provide insights and guidance on implementing of and reporting on the transformation scorecard, which aligns with Liberty’s transformation vision and strategy. At the executive management level, transformation is driven by the people and transformation committee, a subcommittee of our exco, whose mandate includes the execution of Liberty’s people strategy which includes the transformation plan.

How we engage with our employees  

 Engagement with our employees takes place regularly across various channels. Some of the mechanisms employed include:    

  • Face-to face interactions between employees and line managers
  • Employee mobile app
  • Town halls
  • Liberty's corporate intranet
  • Internal 'Newsbreak' communication emails  
  • Internal TV news network
  •  Let's Talk sessions with group executives  
  • Dipstick sessions



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