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Liberty Holdings

​Our material focus areas


We undertook an extensive materiality exercise in 2016. This process allowed us to develop a shared value strategy  as well as outline our material issues, which were then grouped into material focus areas. The material focus areas were then approved by the board. These material focus areas ground our reporting and thought processes, and our governance and strategy development. Each focus area impacts on the group’s ability to create value in the short, medium and long-term.

Each material focus area is composed of several smaller but important issues that are relevant to stakeholders. These issues are identified through ongoing stakeholder engagement facilitated by Liberty’s stakeholder engagement unit and are aligned with Liberty’s organisational philosophy, brand ethos, values and strategy. The frequency of engagement varies according to each stakeholder group and the issue at hand. Liberty is proactive in identifying and responding to its stakeholders’ expectations, concerns and conflicts. A centralised approach is used to engage investors, customers, employees, regulators and communities. Liberty’s customer-facing units undertake stakeholder engagement relevant to each of their areas and are responsible for identifying relevant stakeholder concerns and taking appropriate action.

The board of directors is kept appraised of engagement activities, concerns raised and mitigating action taken through the group social, ethics and transformation committee. We focus on ensuring that the right relationship owners are in place in each business area and that engagements are held at the right levels, with the content of engagements being mutually beneficial. In 2018, we will perform a new materiality assessment, taking into consideration all organisational changes in context of our operating environment.

Our material focus areas considered:

  • Previous issues reported to the board and sustainability subcommittees
  • Material focus areas reported on by the Standard Bank Group (our majority shareholder)
  • Material focus areas reported on by competitors
  • Global best practice
  • Our purpose and vision
  • Issues raised by stakeholders, including the media
  • Our top risks and organisational risk appetite
  • Our market environments
Attract, develop and retain quality employees and financial advisers Enhance social relationships Place customer at the heart of our business decisions Deliver sustainable financial results Provide responsible financial services


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