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Liberty Holdings

​Environmental Commitment

The Liberty Group’s vision, mission and code of ethics can be summed up in one phrase: we try to do the right thing in everything we do. This applies equally to our approach to the environment – we try to do the right thing in all our operations today and for the future.

The commitment statement below is supported internally by specific policies, procedures and standards, each of which are overseen by employees with accountability for ensuring they are managed effectively.

Liberty is committed to conducting its business with respect for and protection of the environment. Specifically, it is our policy to:

  • Comply with all environmental legislation, regulations and approved codes of practice
  • Seek to improve our environmental performance continuously
  • Monitor and measure the environmental impact of all historic, current and future operations
  • Where possible, reduce our total energy consumption, including electricity within our properties and fuels consumed in all forms of travel
  • Monitor and measure our carbon footprint on a regular basis
  • Reduce our carbon footprint, setting a framework for objectives and targets according to our baseline assessments and engagement with critical stakeholders
  • Reduce our use of raw materials and supplies and non-recyclable materials, with the ultimate aim being the prevention of pollution
  • Monitor and measure our waste management practices, implementing and managing recycling programmes where possible, and reducing total waste sent for disposal in all other areas deemed reasonable
  • Reduce our total water consumption within our properties, particularly through the design and implementation of water sensible facilities within new buildings
  • Raise awareness about environmental matters with our employees, and encourage their participation in our efforts to improve our environmental performance
  • Communicate our environmental policy to all key stakeholders, including the active engagement of environmental stakeholders to ensure we move towards meeting their expectations
  • Encourage and support similar environmental standards from our suppliers and contractors
  • Report on our environmental performance to internal and external stakeholders on a regular basis



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