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Liberty will continue to operate during COVID-19 lockdown. To learn more about COVID-19 in South Africa, visit

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Liberty Holdings


Corporate citizenship is about ensuring the longevity of our business by responding to issues raised by and meeting the expectations of our stakeholders; protecting the natural resources; and contributing towards the wellbeing of the societies within which we operate.

For Liberty, sustainability means building a business that can achieve its objectives and keep its promises now and into the future. The aim of the organisation is to make profits for the shareholders, alongside the financial targets is the key and stated purpose to make real and lasting contributions to the communities in which we operate.

We actively pursue sustainability by focusing on the following key issues:

​Deliver sustainable financial results

​The primary objective of the group is to deliver a sustainable attractive return on investment to shareholders. Whilst short-term profitability is important, it should not detract from the longer term objective.

​Provide compliant and responsible financial services

​Liberty strives to deliver products and services with integrity, while complying with required regulation, upholding high ethical standards and minimising its environmental impact.

​Focus on our customers

​As the source of revenue, customers are essential to the success of the business and significant investment is made to continue delivering innovative products supported by appropriate high quality service that meets customer needs. Increasing access to products and educating consumers on the benefits of sound financial planning are top priorities.

​Attract and retain quality employees

​Employees are integral to delivering the group's strategies. Consequently remuneration structures are designed to create a high performance culture with the necessary balance between short and long-term objectives. Skills development, engagement processes and wellness support are designed to assist retention and maximise productivity. 

​Continue the transformation journey

​The Liberty board has chosen to embrace transformation as best practice and not adopt a minimum compliance approach. Substantial progress has been made against set regulatory frameworks in respect of investing in and transforming South African society.


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