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Liberty Holdings

Leading the journey

Our approach

Having passionate and committed teams is vital to creating a high-performance culture. We regularly engage with our employees, through a variety of mechanisms, to gain insight into their needs and ensure that they understand the role they play in realising the strategic objectives of the organisation.

Our performance

In 2016 we used both formal and informal mechanisms to engage with our employees. We conducted employee roadshows across the group aimed at communicating our vision and strategy. We continued to improve on our internal publications, including the use of our intranet communication. Employees have access to this platform and it is an important tool for keeping abreast of the latest group developments.
This year we also continued our ‘Let’s Talk’ campaign, which is aimed at cascading and sharing of information from senior leadership to our employees. The respective business units and customer facing units were responsible for conducting their ‘Let’s Talk’ campaign in order to share customised and relevant information. Further our audio-visual broadcast sessions take place on an ad hoc basis to communicate important information internally to our employees. Finally, our leadership forums are conducted quarterly and are aimed at our senior leadership team. Together, these methods all contribute to leaving employees more engaged, informed and involved.
We aim to deal fairly and proactively with potential employee issues by communicating our employee relations practices. Quantitative measures of the internal labour climate include formal and informal disciplinary matters as well as litigation through the Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration (CCMA) and the Labour Court.

Provide responsible financial services

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