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Liberty Holdings

Place customer at the heart of our business decisions

Our approach

Our vision is to be the trusted leader in insurance and investments in Africa. The way we treat our customers across all aspects of our business is crucial to earning and maintaining this trust.

We place the customer at the heart of our business decisions by:

  • Evolving, adapting and continuously improving in line with customers’ expectations and changing needs;
  • Providing the right solutions for the right reasons, which will empower our customers to make informed decisions;
  • Making promises we can keep and keeping the promises that we make; and
  • Recognising that the customer comes before the organisation, the organisation comes before the team, and the team comes before the individual.

Strengthening customer relationships built on trust

At Liberty, we see Treating Customers Fairly (TCF) as more than a regulatory requirement; it is a core component of the way we operate. To support this, we have designed a set of customer fairness principles, which exceed the minimum requirements of TCF. We believe these principles differentiate us in the market with regard to fairness and market conduct. These customer fairness principles, detailed below, are fully supported by an established governance framework that drives appropriate behaviours and encourages a shift in our culture.


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